Friday, April 21, 2017

rant of the 100 daze

okay, it's been 100 days of this fucker.
  does anyone still have any positive opinions of him?
  except for rapists, racists and republicans the rest
 of the country would vote for a liverwurst sandwich before him.
      anyone who supports this brainturd
( he would think a condom with a small hole is acceptable)
might want to rethink this choice     

and Pence? he has lowered his pants enough
 to show he is a dickturd. 
Maybe he would eat a meal with another woman
 than his wife if all others wore a burka, hmmmm
 a strange philosophical bedfellow.

     Yup we have a transparent government-
 transparently racist, elitist, misogynist,
 and clearly self motivated.

  Global warming, is actually a huge priority,
 they race to keep what they have in the face of
declining land, food and weather catastrophes that
 engender political and human crisis.
  again acknowledged in that incredibly
 delightful opaque transparent way.

 Ethics issues-refer to the condom
Health issues -again, refer to the aforementioned condom.
Hopefully you have all noticed the connection
between  Donald Trump
  Daily Terror  Delirium Tremens
Dumpster Trash

.  Yup, they are all for us,
 we will get jobs, health, security and
 a new bright white world-
feel free to thricely refer to the great condom of holiness.

    Lawyers, voters, citizens all,
 we must be persistent, insistent, and consistent.

Brilliant essay-

Introducing our new cultural analyst-
Tofu, the rescued greyhound.


Tofu says
although I prefer organic,
our garden is not doing well
wish they made a Roundup for Resistant Republicans

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