Thursday, February 23, 2017

School Daze or Once upon a time....

This little story might seem unbelievable.
but then, doesn't it all lately?
Once upon a time a beary bad educator chased all the children
away from the public schools.
The children were then scooped up by the Trumptrain.
He said "We are going to put
the miners back to work."
Yes, that is a direct quote.
But he really meant MINORS, cause he
was friendly with Beary DeVos,
and he knew it was unlikely to be MINERS
because the industry would flood the energy arena and the
price would go down and it wouldn't be
profitable and it competes with natural gas
and the Republicans weren't going
to support subsidies and and
(It also would have terrible environmental consequences,
 but he didn't care about that)
So this is really what he envisions..
By the way, a clean green source of energy.
and so my friends, if he puts the minors back to work we
will solve the school problems and the energy problems.
   (maybe the miners should go back to school?)
do we live in Seinfeld?
the end.
sorry about multiple mailings

Monday, February 20, 2017

I Will Protect You & The Goddess of Politics

The Ministry of Silly Talks has brought us another interesting discussion. 
Our leader has stated that ISIS is our biggest threat.
How would one judge that?
Between the years 2001-2014 there have been 3,412 American deaths due to Terrorism (including
overseas and on our own turf, yes including 911).
Between that same amount of time, there have been 440,095 American deaths related to guns.
3.412 compared to 440,095. 
Our leader and his team of the faithful has pledged to totally support the 2nd Amendment, get rid of gun-free zones, and support a "National Right to Carry"  In their first effort to abandon gun controls they have overturned gun regulations that limited some mental health patients from owning a gun.
Who do you trust-our president or the facts?
                         THE GODDESS OF POLITICS...

                                      ain't she purty? love those lying eyes.
I apologize for redundant mailings, I hope/think I have figured it all out.    sorry.