Sunday, March 26, 2017

They'll Try Anything

 Chef Ding Don is cookin' up a storm.
 Special dishes are Baked Alaska and Stew of the Day.

The Chef always uses authentic condiments.

Soul Food



 All You Can Eat Buffet
Pizza,  Eggroll, Pasta, Pesticides, Petroleum and Antibiotic Residues
Your health is never an issue here.

Careful Chef, sometimes what you cook comes back up
 as agita or blowback.
 ppppppppppppppRemember to Duck! l' Orange.pppppppppppppp
 * Ding Don cause he bellows.                                                    "Michelin" has awarded us 3 tires.

Visit for art with some nasty attitudes.

talk about blowback


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1 comment: said...

Food for least for those whose head isn't full of headcheese.